Scope of services

  • Marketing Plans

  • Media Research, Planning and Buying

  • Campaign Action Planning

  • Demographic and Competitive Analysis 


  • Name Development

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Language and Descriptions

  • Brand Analysis

  • Brand Evolution

  • Abiding or Creation of Brand Guidelines



  • Brochure Design and Copywriting

  • Package Design

  • Printed Flyers or Invitations

  • Print Production

Public Relations

  • Press Releases Writing

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Event Planning

  • Event Promotion

  • Public Relations Plans

  • Local, National or International Media Outreach


  • Website Design, Development & Copywriting

  • Social Media 

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


  • Creative Development

  • Copywriting

  • Print: Magazine, Newspaper

  • Broadcast: Radio, Video

  • Online: Ad Campaigns

  • Outdoor: Billboards, Signage

  • Direct Mail

  • Email Campaigns

How it works

At Spark Integrated Marketing, our goal is to create campaigns that will command and capture the attention of your target audience in order to get results. We will work with our team to:


We come up with ideas. And then more ideas. And finally, select the best concept to address the situation. Then we find a voice to clearly communicate that message so that the concept can be heard, whether through a whisper or loud and clear. 

Generate Ideas

Every day there are more and more places to communicate and yet so little time. We can help you to put ideas into action by channeling the message through the most appropriate and strategic paths. And at this stage, we can deliver everything from new and traditional media suggestions to comprehensive marketing and media plans according to your company’s communication aspirations. 


Create an Identity

Once the groundwork is laid, an identity to come into play. We amuse in colors, peruse in imagery and find inspiration in what it all means. We then analyse with a sharpened eye until the look and feel is polished and ready to shine. 


Put Ideas Into Action


Identifying the issues at hand is essential to beginning the road to resolution. We explore any challenges your company may be facing so we may address them head on to bring a solution-oriented approach to your overall campaign. 

Clarify the Situation